Monday, July 29, 2013

Best Ways of Making Money Online


Can You Really Make Money Online?

A simple answer is, Yes. There are many ways of making money online that are 100 % legit.  I would say that using common sense when seeking online opportunities is a must. I am currently making 100% of my income online, and I just started venturing into the online method of making money eight months ago. I was determined to make this happen and I discovered many sites that you can make money with. I will present my experience with each of these sites and what I thought of it, so that you can decide if it is right for you.
I don't have to get up early, worry about a dress code, or put up with annoying coworkers or an arrogant boss. I absolutely love what I do for the first time in my life, and if you are in the same frustrating position I was in last year, I hope this article will help clarify some of the fog that we all go through when we decide to start making money online instead of going to work every day. Here are some of the sites I have used to make money and at the end of this article I will present the formula that actually worked for me.
I truly believe that it is important to diversify. If your ultimate goal is to make 100k per year, you will need to be well organized, and have many different online sites. There are a few who have only one site and make millions with that single blog or website, but most of us who are earning decent money are working numerous online sites. It simply increases the odds of success and the diversification keeps you successful.








Cash Crate & InBoxDollars

Take Surveys and Earn Money

The very first thing I tried to make money online was Cashcrate. I was skeptical about it at first because I read that there are scams all over the internet that will not actually pay out. I joined Cash Crate and earned $20 in a matter of two days that could be averaged into just over one hour. It may sound good, but taking surveys can be quite boring. After I had earned $10, I had already decided that I was going to do this all the time, but when I reached the $20 payout, I was bored and decided that I was through with taking surveys online. If you want easy money fast, and are a student, or if you have long lunch breaks that you would like to make more profitable, this is a good way to turn that dead time into productive time. To join Cash Crate CLICK HERE.
Shortly after joining CashCrate I joined InBoxDollars. Although the site is basically the same concept as CashCrate, I made money a little faster and enjoyed the site much more than I did CashCrate. Its personal preference, but they sent and continue to send me emails that I make pennies on just to open. I guess the little extra of earning to simply click an email appeals to me, but either way, if you decide to to CashCrate I suggest doing InBoxDolallars too. It is good for diversification and to keep you from becoming too bored with the same site. Visit InBoxDollars here.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beauty Supplies and Products on a Budget

As entrepreneurs, we realize that we must look polished and sophisticated when we do business. This means many beauty products, creams, lotions and of course makeup. Lets get one thing straight, to look great you don't have to spend $20 for one lipstick.

I am always amazed when I see so many women who only buy Mac, or Lancome. They are paying top dollar just to have that brand name on their package. This is a little different from carrying a Louis Vuitton purse, because at least people see the name, Louis Vuitton, and the unmistakable designer look of an expensive purse. When you buy the most expensive brand name cosmetics no one can look at your face and say, "hey, that is Elizabeth Arden." Women who spend their money on these designer cosmetics are spending 75% more than they should.

The place that all entrepreneurial minded ladies should shop for their products in Avon. Avon is a company that has encouraged women to be their own boss for 130 years. This alone makes it a company that I want to support, but they also have high end products that are an a par with the expensive department store cosmetics and beauty creams.

To order from Von and view the catalog online Click Here. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Have Successful Kids

Raising kids is a difficult task, but it has actually become more challenging than it has in the past, and part of that difficulty comes from society.

Children NEED a strong solid foundation in order to receive all the necessary tools and learning experiences required to grow into a healthy and well adjusted adult.