Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Make Millions

The key to make a million dollars is quite simple in theory and a lot of work to actually do. First lets  understand some of the ways of actually making money.

You can have a job, own a business or invest your money.

If you truly want to become a millionaire you should focus on owning your own business. If you think about what millionaires have done to achieve their wealth, most often you will find that they carved out their own path somehow, they did not go job hunting and find a good job with benefits.

The entrepreneur mind is one of independence and having a job is the exact opposite of being independent. Think about it. What do you hate about your job? The bitchy coworkers who are out to get you for being too smart? The stupid boss who can't see that you are the best employee he has and should give you a raise and fire the little incompetent employees who keep getting in your way? Or the $20-$30 per hour that you are stuck with? I know that some of you are saying $30 per hour is good, what is wrong with that?

If that is your attitude then you are reading the wrong blog. I am helping people make millions, not a few dollars. $30 per hour will not buy you a beach house and a nice car, or a personal nurse to take care of your mother who suffers from osteoporosis. This is how you could and should be living. It is a lot better than fighting for $30 per hour, trust me!

How to make 1 million:

Choose your area of expertize and start your business with the attitude of becoming the greatest thing ever. Speak of your business as though it is really something and don't ever have a haphazard attitude when it comes to the running of the business and its finances.

No matter what your business is, do not ignore social media. This is the wave of the future and many young people discover where they are going to go to spend their money by finding it online.

Don't ignore writing sites to promote your business or to help you earn some passive income while your business grows. One of the best things any online writer can do is join Hubpages. This is the easiest way of earning a passive income while sharing your expertise. To join Click Here.

If you like to interact online but do not consider yourself much of a writer WebAnsers could actually supplement your income very handsomely. It is in its Beta phase right now which means that they are paying quite well t those who are willing to answer questions and profit a few cents for each question. Over time these can really add up. To join WebAnswers CLICK HERE.

Make sure that you develop an honest respect for money. One of the main differences between the rich and the middle class is that rich people have a genuine respect for money, and do not squander money that can be invested. Middle class people do not think of making investments.

Making investments in real estate is one of the smartest and most profitable things that a middle class person can do to become a rich person.