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Marry Rich! Marry a Millionaire and Live Like a Queen

 Find a rich husband and make it the easy way. This blog is generally intended to bring out the entrepreneur in a lady. This post may teeter on bringing the lady part out of the entrepreneur. Never forget that you are both!  This article is a little unique in that I will be talking to women who have decided that rather than excel in building their own business and doing it all from scratch on their own, would rather do it the old fashioned way, - by Marrying a Millionaire!

Its okay, You are perfectly safe here at Entrepreneur Lady, because we do not get on our high horse and judge, we look at our personalities, abilities and make an honest and level headed decision on how we are to achieve success.

If you believe that you need a man to help you out and make life easier, then you just may be better off marrying rich than denying who you are.  Just keep in mind that this is not always the easy way of achieving wealth. It can be difficult being involved with a man who has power, and often times men with power can be difficult to live with. But, having pondered starting your own business and marrying a wealthy man for some time and you keep thinking that your best bet is to marry rich, then this article is for you.

It is not hard to get men interested, and therefore it is not difficult to get them to marry you. When you see women clinging to men for years, wanting a proposal and never getting it, this is because the woman did not play her cards right. If you are one of those women you have some learning to do. If a poor guy will throw you around, a man of wealth will certainly do it too. Its all about how you present yourself and the ground rules you set early on.

Its just as easy to hook a rich man as it is to get hooked by a poor one.

The rule of thumb is this. Never have sex with a man on the first date. I don't care how modern you are and how much you think it should be okay. In a man's mind you have proven yourself to be cheap by doing this. Please don't sleep with a man and say, "I don't usually do this, but this is one "special" time." Men laugh inside when women say things like that because they have heard it with every floozy they have had a one night stand with. Its as corny as a man passionately taking your clothes off and whispering, "don't worry, I respect you." Doesn't that have a cheesy red flag ring to it? Well, the only way of proving to a man that you are not just another hooker putting out with any man she meets and hoping one of them will eventually marry her, is to show him that you are different. Actions speak louder than words. Never have sex on the first date, and hold out as long as possible. If you have been dating a man for three months and you are having a great time getting to know him and have a lot in common with him things should work out well. If you are not doing much with the guy except fooling around and saying "no" when it gets too close, and the guy suddenly dumps you, then its a good thing you did not give in because he only wanted one thing anyway. A quality man who may lead to something serious will make an effort to entertain you by taking you to a variety of places for dates, and your conversations should be fun, and stimulating.

The early dating days are where you show him your morale. Men want a woman with high standards and high morals. At least the ones who are worth marrying do.  When a man marries a woman he wants something special, not something that has been on her back with every guy in town.  

The more money he has the more he will demand that his woman be something special. 

How long should you wait? As long as possible. Some women don't have sex with men they are not married to, and others have to be with a man for several months, but generally there is no such thing as waiting too long. If you have been with a guy for six weeks or three months and he stops calling, don't think that if you would have slept with him it would have been all different. That simply means he was only looking for a piece of ass and you showed him that you are not it. He will carouse around and find other women to use. Its no loss and a lot better to get shed of him that way than to be used by him.

Think back to the 1950s and even before that time.  I guarantee you there were not so many women "trying" to get men to marry them. There were nowhere near as many single moms or any of the relationship problems of today. This is because women knew not to be easy. My old fashioned mother did not teach me much but I remember she stressing that once you sleep with a man they don't like you anymore and will think you are bad. I never slept with men and have never suffered the fate of my friends who did.  I did not exactly wait until I was married either, but I waited a good couple of months before I decided a relationship was strong enough and I was interested enough to become physically involved. I have personally always had men proposing to me, and falling in love. I attribute my strong level of importance on high standards to be a great part of this. Men have respected, and valued me early on in a relationship.

When a man feels that he has worked hard for your affection he values it. when your emotions and your body come easy, he will not see value it them. This is the way men innately are. I know all the feminists are fuming and saying, "that's not right, a guy should not be like that." But, men are like that and always will be. A smart woman will look at reality and make the facts work in her favor.

If you want to win and avoid all the heart ache that comes to women who think that they are going to win a guy through sex, do not fall into the same trap that most women fall into, avoid hanky panky. 

 Hookers who will fall down on their backs and deliver mind blowing sex are a dime a dozen. A classy lady who picks and chooses who is worth her time is most definitely a rarity these days. The guy would rather have the rarity, trust me.

I give advice to women every day and I consistently tell them not to give in. I tell them to be fun, light hearted and sweet, and not to have sex with their dates. The ones who follow my advice gain control, and the ones who give in to the guy and decide to ignore this old fashioned yet sound advice, begin having regrets within hours to days after they have lost control on their date. 

When women have intercourse with men they often feel closer to their guy, and they can leave the date with their hearts dancing, with the high expectation of what excitement is coming next, but a man will often leave a date in which he has gotten what he wanted with a negative feeling. He will wonder what this women is now expecting of him, and some of the negative feelings that he may have suppressed about you will now materialize.

I have heard on more than one occasion a guy meets this woman who is beautiful, flirtatious and exciting, and the guy whole heartedly pursues the girl and has sex with her within the first three dates. After the guy climaxes, yes that soon, he looks at the girl and thinks, "she really is not that pretty". Then he thinks, "what kind of girl would do this with a guy she hardly knows?" Then he thinks, "I better split." This is a common scenario, so please do not become a victim. Those old fashioned rules that smart women have followed for years were put in place for a reason and no amount of high talking feminism will change it. 

Something interesting I heard years ago. -Men love hunting. They will go out at strange hours, in physically uncomfortable situations to hunt an animal. Once they have caught the animal, they will sit with it and have their picture taken with it, and will parade it around like a trophy. They will talk endlessly about their catch with pride. Now, if a Moose were to wander to a man's front door and drop dead, do you think for a minute that a man will want his picture taken with it, and brag about it? No! he will just say lets get rid of this thing! 

You want to be the beautiful and evasive gazelle the man is hunting, not the dead moose he has to get rid of.

A woman who is hard to get will make a man glow with pride after he has finally "caught" her. He will talk about her with a dancing heart, and present her with pride. A woman who gives herself up becomes the dead moose who the guy has to figure out how to get rid of. 

Have you ever seen the young, teenage girl going to "hang out" at her boyfriend's house uninvited? Yes, eventually he will verbally dump her because her unannounced visits will make it hard for him to bring other girls around, and she will wonder why he does not just keep seeing her.
  - Or the girl who constantly sends text messages and makes phone calls to her "boyfriend" with very little response outside of an occasional invite to his house, or to a movie and then his house? Real couples will have conversations. That means that a "date" consisting of watching a play, game, or movie is not "real" interaction. It is something he could be doing with his friends or by himself. Having you there is just for something to play with and then possibly score from at the end. Love will not happen when there is no real interaction between the two of you.  

If you are sitting here counting on your fingers that you have been on ten dates with a guy and five of them consisted of sitting in a chair watching a movie, the three of them were sitting in a chair watching a basketball game, and two of them were dinner dates, then you have only been on two dates with this guy. You interacted with him for maybe four hours. That is not enough getting to know you for him to feel very much for you. It works differently for men. They take longer to fall in love, but once they do, they really fall hard.

To be more than a piece of flesh... 

Be interesting..

If you have hobbies, pursue them, if you don't have any then get some quick. Have you ever wondered how interesting you are? If someone is in a position to have a relationship with you they will have to be interested. What makes you more interesting than other women? It is important to have something you do if you want to marry a rich man. 

For the most part rich men are busy and women who can not entertain themselves are often disappointed in them which results in- no marriage

Poor men have time to lavish on you, but rich men will want you do be self sufficient. Don't cling or demand that they spend all their time on you. Once they see you are doing your own thing, they will be more likely to take a real interest in you as a person. Have hobbies or even business ventures you pursue. Women who run in marathons, take lessons in something, or engage in business ventures are much more interesting to talk to, and give men a much better feeling of security than women who do nothing but go to their job and go home and watch television.

How to meet rich men. 
You must think of this as your business if you are really serious about marrying a rich man. 

I talk to women who say they want a rich husband all the time, and when I ask them where they are going to meet them, they just say, "well, I went to a night club this Saturday."
 Reality check You are likely to meet the bottom of the barrel men at night clubs. Don't waste your time!

If going to a night club is the way you are going about dating, you probably need to work on those hobbies we were just talking about. You see, as I said, I talk to women about this all the time and I have noticed that women who do not know what to do with themselves go to night clubs.  
Chances are you will not find a rich husband there.

If you do not play golf, you need to take lessons and take it seriously. Go to a country club after you are playing relatively well, and you will meet millionaires and billionaires. You should also learn how to play tennis. This is because the idle class all have tennis courts and many live on golf courses and have their own putting greens. To fit in, you should do as the rich do. 
If you don't know how to ski, you need to learn now.  By simply skiing, playing golf and tennis, you will automatically be traveling in the same circles that attract men with money. 

Take golf lessons and practice on a regular basis. Before donning your argyle best and heading off to the country club, you should practice at the lower level courses. Looking like a clutz in a country club is not going to win you any admirers.

If you are in the San Diego area click here to find a variety of golf courses.  

If you live in the Los Angeles California area and want to find some courses in your area click here. 

 Some of the most cleaver women have gone skiing by themselves and met rich business owners or even just doctors who have the day off and want to release stress. A woman who is out releasing stress in a physical activity can be so much more appealing than a girl who puts on a whore suit and heads off to a night club with her single friends. If you don't meet anyone right away, you will at least get a good workout.
I realize that these things cost money, but you will need to invest a little in order to hit the jackpot.  

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Podcasting; How to Podcast

Podcast Basics

A podcast is a digital media file, usually in audio or video format. The name podcast is a combination of the names pod, as in i pod, and broadcast. So your podcast material is broadcasted on the internet in a blog or website, or podcast directory. Podcasts are often done in a series, like having episodes that are shown regularly. If you are already a blogger, the concept is already clear, the marketing and basic idea is the same, its just a matter of adding video and audio. The more consistent and organized your blog posts are, the better your chances for success. If you choose to start a podcast, you are up against the same issues a blogger faces. It will take time and organization to develop a sold following.
If you have not done a podcast before, it can be a little stressful, to say the least. With a little patience, it will become relatively simple. You will need a microphone, computer, audio editing software, an RSS feed, and a website or hosting service that you can upload podcasts to.

  • Audio podcasts. Contain sound only, and are small in file size making them easier to download and play on any portable music player. Some people like these, and others feel that by not having video, they are missing out on a major part of podcasting experience.
  • Video podcasts. have audio and video included, making them larger in file size, requiring a music player with video capabilities. Putting together a video is far more complicated as far as business presentation goes, you will want your environment, attire, and lighting to present your professional image.

Either video or audio podcasts can be effective ways to market your business by providing information, knowledge, branding, and entertainment.

Once coming up with a topic for a podcast, write an outline being sure that you have a solid theme. Think of English 101, and the thesis sentence, and the supporting issues. Make sure it flows, in an organized manner that does not deter too far off the main subject. Be sure to always have a plan when creating a podcast. It is easy to become cocky and think that because you have done this a few times you don't need to have so much structure, but believe me, that is how your casts start looking disorganized and as a result you lose audience. Pilots always go through a check list that they read out loud, and their co pilot repeats back each check, no matter how obvious the checks are, they go through this routine because it has been shown that it prevents accidents. Having organized systems will keep your podcasts from appearing haphazard.
Organize the structure of how you want it presented and where you want it to break. A good way to get started is to take a look at some podcasts that others have done.
Just as with blogging, the key factor to building subscribers to your podcasts is to be regular about it. Once per week is a good, regular schedule.
Watch a few good tutorials on on podcasts before you attempt one yourself.

Create A Podcast

To create your own podcast you will need a computer with recording software and microphone. Recording software varies in terms of complexity and cost but free software such as Audacity is somewhere to start.
As far as editing goes, be sure and remove excess background noise. Many podcasts begin and end with a little music. You may wish to look into Royalty-Free Music just to be on the safe side.
Markers will let you add chapter titles, and URLs
If you wish to submit your podcast to Apple iTunes, you may wish to have artwork that represents your podcast.
RSS: Users can subscribe to your cast. This is done though the creation of an RSS feed that is based on the MP3 file of your podcast. The RSS feed for your podcast contains links to the pod episodes.


This is the new world of networking, teaching and learning: 3-D animation sites.
Second life, TelePlace, Protosphere, and Olive, are new 3-D virtual environments.They may remind you of Yoville, for those who play games on Facebook. You are in cartoon land all over again, and can create anything you want. This may seem like kid stuff, but major corporations are using this technology, and it is rumored to be a part of business structure in the future. It is also being experimented with for teaching foreign languages. These 3-D virtual world communities will be a bigger and more important part of business seminars and conferences, as well as networking events as they evolve. These sites are a little tricky to get used to however, users have discovered that these sites have a very supportive team, and provide a lot of network training.

You will need a headset, microphone and a tutorial before you begin.

Using Search Engines

Once you have made your podcast you will want it indexed and as visible as possible on Google. A few ways to do this is to add text to your podcast and use keywords that people will be searching, and optimizing a landing page with relevant text. This gives search engines more information to the audio file that will help them stand out. The more key word text you have, the better your chances of being found.

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Teach Children Money Management

Parenting is a major life altering step, and I am forever baffled by parents who fall in love with their children and buy them what ever they want. 


 I understand perfectly that we want to see our children happy, but the ultimate goal of raising children is to raise competent adults. Buying children what they want is a sure fire way to disillusion your children and send them on the path to failure and poverty.

Did you ever really think about that?

Ultimately, what do yo want for your children? They won't be adorable bundles of joy forever.

How do you picture them as adults? 

Well, when I picture my son as an adult, I picture something wonderful, like Mitt Romney. I am certainly not the only one shooting for the top on this hope and dream. I picture a happy man of strong solid morale, with the ability to take care of himself in a big way. I don't see and uneducated factory worker who hates his job because that is not what I want for the little person I love so much.

So, how am I going to get my son to the top and keep him from falling to the bottom?  This is what parents need to ask themselves from the beginning. It is never too early to lay the foundation.

In the United States we are lucky because we have the opportunity to succeed no matter what our background is.  If we have the right mindset we have the chance to make a fortune and therefore provide well for our families.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks the average person has when it comes to raising a child into an adult with the tools to become financially stable is that many people of modest means resent success. Before you start denying it...

If you have an attitude that is negative towards money, wealth and success, you will always find ways to keep yourself poor. If you have allowed yourself to believe that "money is the root of all evil", "rich people are greedy", or "anyone with a lot of money is a crook",  your habits and attitudes will rub off on your child, forever keeping your family down.  In order to get over your financial problems you must truly believe that it is not a sin to achieve. Otherwise your subconscious mind will never allow you to become an "evil  rich person."

These jealous and negative emotions that you may harbor must to be thrown out with the dirty diapers because they will breed failure for you and for your young innocent minds that are bound to absorb everything from you. 

No one wants to be called greedy, selfish, or a crook, and if your children hear you saying this, they will not strive for success and their financial failure will be a subconscious way of remaining a "good person." If your friends and family are comforting their lack of success with excuses such as, "I am happy with very little", and "money isn't everything", or "rich people are wealthy because they abuse us", just ignore their mindset and let them lick their wounds with these words while you take the higher ground, and begin doing things that they have no understanding of. Years from now they will wonder how your kids turned out so strong while theirs continue to ask them for handouts.

As a parent who wants the best for their offspring you need an open mind, and if you believe that rich people are bad, then its time to stop being narrow minded and look at some facts. 

The richest people in the world have traditionally given millions and sometimes billions away to charities. Rockefeller and Carnegie both gave billions of dollars away. The media likes to demonize wealth, which does not help our morale when trying to teach our children how to be successful. It is not uncommon to turn on the television and see an Andrew Carnegie documentary focused on how much money he made, without reminding us that Carnegie gave away almost 90% of his entire fortune by the time he died.

On a personal note. I was a student nurse in San Diego, and all of the student nurses were being sent to hospitals to get some clinical hours in. On one round of clinicals, I was sent to La Jolla, which was the upper class hospital. 

All the student nurses were booing and saying that they did not want to go to the "rich, stuck up hospital." Well, after our clinicals, all the nurses were eating their words when they had to admit that the patients at the wealthy hospital were actually very nice, and in fact, the nicest bunch of patients that they had ever seen. This got my attention because it was blatant discrimination that all these nurses had  about wealth. 

They naturally hated all the patients before even meeting them. How did they become so prejudiced? Maybe the watched Little House on the Prairie and hated Nellie Olson.  Television shows, books and the turmoil hungry media likes to stir the pot and feed the myth that rich people are uncaring and greedy.

 Just remember its not true, and don't allow yourself or your children to get caught up in it. Some of the meanest and nastiest people I have personally come in contact with are people of average means. 

They frequently displayed traits of being extremely greedy, mean, prejudiced and hateful. I worked as a laborer in my early years of being an entrepreneur and contrary to what the average television watcher will think, the wealthy people who employed me did not exploit me, humiliate me, or profit unfairly from by blood and sweat, but the middle class people were often mean, and spoke to me in a demeaning and hateful way. 

Now back to giving children what ever they want.

When you give children what they want, you and your children miss out on a very important lesson in life. A lesson that could result in a healthy building block to success, and can help build a solid fiscal foundation for the future. Once grown up, children can't simply smile and get what they want anymore. To give gifts out of the softness of your heart does not prepare you child for reality. No one other than you will ever be so soft.

Allowance is an important part of learning.

If your children do not have an allowance, they will not learn the basic concept of seeing their money disappear on things they choose to spend on. Financial decision making starts with the very first allowance. If you give a child $1, and he sees a candy for .75 cents, he has to decide if he really wants that candy or if he wants to save that dollar until he can afford something better than the candy.

This inner discipline is vital to self control with larger amounts of money in the future. Children need to understand that their money will not simply come back by nagging someone who has more than they do, such as you when they are young, and such as their friends, their boss, or even you again when they are adults.

A strong adult provides for himself. He does not blame others for what he does not have, but he makes it happen for himself. By not giving handouts, and repeatedly caving in whenever asked for something you are stimulating your child's inner entrepreneur, and forcing him to ask and wonder how on earth he can possibly get those things he desires.

Nagging, sulking, or indulging in jealousy towards those who have achieved will never result in anything positive. Have you noticed that there are more and more people expressing their dislike of "rich people?"

I have noticed this, and recall some of my relatives who achieved little in life constantly complaining that the Queen of England has it made, and the little people should strip her of her belongings, ect, ect. This mentality easily trickled down to their children who have naturally grown up into dysfunctional adults. They have become complainers with even less to offer society than their parents had. Would taking down Buckingham Palace solve anyone's problems? The simple answer is NO. Lets say everyone in England got a little something when the royal family was dismantled. The windfall the people would receive would be spent and then the little people would have one less institution to attack and blame for their lack of funds. Everyone would spend the "gift" they received and then it would be gone forever, but the royal family and all the money that it generates would be gone too. It would be destroying something that results in no change.

I can personally think of some of my family members who were given a lump sum of money from either a deceased relative, or a lucky day in Las Vegas.  They usually become happy and uplifted right away and then spend their way back to poverty just as some famous lottery winners have.

Why does this happen?  Simply because they are not good money managers. They did not learn the lesson when they were young with a small allowance, and now as adults they can quickly eliminate their money, no matter how much it is, and return to where they are typically in life. That could mean living paycheck to paycheck or it could mean, consistently being 10K in debt. Whatever the individuals "typical" situation is, people will find their way back to mediocrity no matter how much money is given to them.

Destroying the royal family, taxing the rich and begging your parents for money is not the answer. These are the answers that desperate people have for an issue that is much more complex.

Your children need to be better, and stronger adults than the typical person with no fiscal sense. That is what any good parent believes. But, they cannot learn to be better, and more financially literate than you are unless you yourself curb your own attitude and present a good, responsible role model.

 Financial irresponsibility and lack of understanding basic finances are what destroy the average person. You cannot solve money problems by taking from someone else so that you will have more to spend, because your lack of money management will forever lead you back to asking for more. Parents, the rich people, and the royal family do not have enough money to keep you going. Some people have learned that to get what they want they must learn the concept of money and they make an effort to discipline themselves into knowing how to make money grow. Imagine that!

Does that sound too good to be true?  It isn't.

How do you think the rich stay rich? They know how to make their money work for them. The poor work for money and the rich make money work for them. That means you must start somewhere. Instead of blowing your money on a huge screen television set, or a new Apple computer, you must make investments. One of the big differences between the rich and the average person is the rich invest and the middle class spend. You must have heard that the rich get rich and the poor get poor. Well, all your really need to do is emulate what the rich do instead of what the poor are doing.

Make investments with your money instead of throwing it away. This way your money will grow and grow. This is a basic concept and it is not digested easily within a few hours. If you are serious about making changes in your life that will ultimately affect your child's future, this frame of mind must be nurtured.

For more motivational and financial help to broaden your focus I recommend you read. The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. I have them listed on the right side under, My Picks.

These books will give you a foundation for steering your mind on the right path to helping your children rise above the mediocrity that may have plagued your own family for decades. 


How To Teach Children Money