Saturday, December 22, 2012

Losing Unemployment Benefits? Here Is My Solution

You can make Money on Hubpages

A few months ago I was in a panic because my unemployment benefits were running out. I was only getting $340 per week, but it was certainly better than nothing. Besides, I had learned how to make it last. I realized that it would all come to an end shortly, and was panicking because although I wanted to apply for an extension, I knew I would not get one.

I had been looking for work and been rejected for everything under the sun. I actually was turned of looking because I really did not even want a job after all the torment I had experienced in my previous position.

Fortunately I discovered Hubpages. I just received my first payment of over $50 from Hubpages, and I am determined that this site will pay my bills in the months to come.

 I have a goal of writing a for doing nothing, but Hubpages is doing the same thing. Of course you have to put out the effort in the first place, but from then on it is passive income. In order to keep myself motivated I read the Hubpages success stories at least once per week. It keeps me motivated and I learn by reading about what others have done.

To sign up with Hubpages and begin your quest for passive income just click- Hubpages. It may be the best thing you ever do for yourself. I personally am glad that my unemployment ran out, because I would never have been driven to the desperate point of trying to find a way to make money without having a job. One thing tends to lead to another, and I have started a few blogs to further supplement what I earn here on Hubpages, and while I am waiting for them to grow in traffic, I use this site to write as many articles as possible that can be linked to my sites. After I write and link my sites, I am still at the beginning level of earning around here so I joined WebAnswers to make some very easy money online.

I am very pleased with WebAnswers because they do pay quite well, partly because they are still in a trial level of launching and they seem to be very generous in an effort to get people to join. I highly recommend joining Hubpages and WebAnswers to diversify and because it takes longer to earn on Hubpages. The best way to go about it is to join both and answer as many questions as you can with WebAnswers and slowly produced hubs on Hubpages. To join WebAnswers CLICK HERE

After playing around with writing here on Hubpages, I wrote an eBook, and published it. By next year I will have approximately 200 articles here, many questions answered on WebAnswers, at lest 5 eBooks published, and about 3 blogs generating income.

I have never been this excited about a job before in my whole life. I am thrilled now, because I don't need a job, and I will easily make more here than in those stressful office jobs that I have always had.
If you are unsure about which blogging platform to use there is Google's Blogger, and WordPress. I recommend Blogger because it is free and easy to make money with.

To sell an eBook just go to, Amazon, or Kindle, and upload your writing. After publishing one, you may wish to start a blog specifically to sell your eBooks by yourself. To do this, you need a paypal business account.

The way we make money here on Hubpges, and WebAnswers is by AdSense. It takes time to learn all about Google's AdSense, but it is such a great system that I personally know a man who has had a successful health food business that he has decided to close down in order to spend more time with AdSense and his blog. The health business he had was making more than 100K per year. He is not making anywhere near that amount right now with AdSense, but he has only been at it for a few months, and as a business man, he knows he can do it.

I hope I can inspire and help some people who are losing their unemployment benefits and need an alternative to a job.

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