Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donald Trump, Real Estate, Wives, Presidency

Trump: Front and Center

The important thing is not whether or not one has had a successful father but what he has done. Rich children amount to nothing just as often as poor children do, it is what is inside the person; how much drive, talent, and desire he possesses that makes him a success, not where he came from. All one has to do is look at J. Paul Getty, and his family offspring to see that children who inherit do not all make it to easy street. Think about it. If you inherited 10 million dollars would you go through the riggers of employing people, negotiating permits, and trying to build a massive structure that would keep you up worrying all throughout construction? Most people would pocket the money and live a quiet life, this is precisely what makes Trump so special. He went to Wharton school and passed. No one gave him his diploma, he then went on to think of grand projects and then talk to men who were twice his age about making his ideas happen. It is easy to say that someone else had it easy, but to have been Donald Trump when he had no reputation, except that his father was a small time real estate developer, in the early 70s was starting from scratch; and most people would never have gone through the humiliation, hard work and stress of trying to make a name for himself when he could have just coasted along and done alright.

Donald Trump is a natural born leader, but, could he be president of the United States? He is one of those unique individuals who have natural charm and an enormous amount of self confidence that makes people feel safe around him. His name has become synonymous with success, which leads one to question, why are people asking, "is Donald Trump presidential material?" Let's think about this for a moment. America elected Barack Obama who had done very little outside of becoming president, yet we look at a man who has done awesome things and taken on an a massive amount of responsibility and question how good he will be. The answer is simply political correctness; the very thing that Donald Trump is outspoken about.