Saturday, August 4, 2012

Legit Sites For Making Extra Money Online

One of the fastest ways to make some money online is to sign up with InBoxDollars. It is a site that allows those who sign up to take surveys and perform tasks for money. The surveys are quick, and one must be prepared to take several of them in order to add up to a few dollars, but it is easy to do, and can be done on the go, while waiting  at the doctor's office, or standing in a long line at the DMV.
May as well make good use of that otherwise wasted time.

Another similar site is Cash Crate.  Some people prefer the layout of this site, or simply enjoy using both sites to keep it interesting. Both of these survey sites will  send you a check as soon as you reach the payout threshold. Cash Crate's threshold is currently $20, and Inboxdollars is $30.

If you are a decent writer, and are interested in making passive income, and what entrepreneur isn't?",  a site such as Hubpages, where you may publish an article about a subject that interests you, and continue receiving royalties on the same article for years to come can be extremely rewarding. Some writers on this site earn as much as $4,000 per month collecting on the same articles month after month. That beats having a job!

An interesting site called MyLot can be used to generate a good passive income every month. I thought I would mention this here because I joined it several months ago while researching legit sites for making money online.  I found MyLot to be difficult to navigate, as I was forewarned, but I worked the site very lightly because it seemed rather haphazard. To my surprise I am actually earning several hundred dollars every month from this site as a result of my experimenting around with it a few months ago. It takes time, but money does start coming in.

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